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Concrete Planning November 11, 2013

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land,Gardening — Colli @ 9:00 am

In October, Ash and I discussed extending out concrete patio to the end of the house.


Looking at the picture above, it would extend from the posts to the fence. We thought that the extension would give us more entertaining space and a place to put the bins. It is just an added bonus that the dogs ran the grass in that area to death already! =)

The last rain storm we had caused puddles below the kitchen window.


The height difference between the patio and the sidewalk was under water, which is not a good thing. The ground slops down from the center of the yard to there. The patio will eliminate this problem for us. We can not let this keep happening because it could cause water damage to the house.

In order to prepare for the concrete patio there is a few things that we need to do. One of the first things is to move the bush to the other corner of the house, by our bedroom window. Since it is already wet out the digging is a bit easier. Which is a good thing because the ground in the corner where is it moving to is SO hard that digging is a challenge even with the rain.

Once the bush is moved we will be taking some time on non-rain days to attempt to level out some of the yard.  I will also be spraying weed killer on the ground as we turn it  because the crab grass is everywhere and I don’t want it trying to grow where we are working.  I am also working on the areas where my new and improve garden boxes are going to be located. First I will mark out the areas by digging  the borders, then I will be digging out all the crab grass (including weed killer again) so the weeds are gone and the ground will be leveled.

I was originally going to build them from brick but since we are going to be pouring concrete, I am considering pouring the planters as well. The planters might be nice in concrete because they would be taller, to keep dogs from running through, plus there would be a ledge in which to set a basket when picking. Next year was hoping to have the new planters in because I want to make the garden a lot bigger. How will the planters be built? Only time will tell!

For now the bush is moved and the leveling has begun. I like the new location of the bush, how about you?

Bush in new location

Back to work I go! Have a great rest of the day everyone!


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