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Penguins!!! November 13, 2013

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 9:00 am

Penguins are my favorite bird! They are so cute! Okay,well everyone might not share my opinion of them but my nephew Ian does. So I was delighted at the challenge of making me a penguin quilt for Christmas.

I would a fun penguin fabric that is perfect for the quilted front and bought some yellow and orange to match.

Ian's Fabric

Do you see the problem that I belatedly saw? Yup, I missed how much this color combination resembles Halloween.  Luckily I noticed it before I had started to sew. Saving the orange and yellow for another blanket, I switched the color scheme to blue, black and penguins.

This quilt has different sized square than I used before. The squares for my Project Linus quilts were smaller and the squares for Owen’s quilt were bigger. Happily it still went together easily enough.

penguins; hand-made; quilt; Christmas present

For the back of this quilt I was going to do the same solid black as I used for Owen because the fleece fabrics with a penguin on it were Christmas oriented. Someone above was smiling down on me because at the last-minute I found the perfect fabric!

penguin; fleece; hand-made; quilt; Christmas present

bad picture, sorry =/

It is so cute and I am so pleased! I put the fabric in the wash and prepared the blanket to work on. Once it was all sewn together, I added the yarn finishing touches.

penguin; quilt; hand-made; Christmas presentpenguin; hand-made; quilt; Christmas present

I am so pleased with this blanket! I am almost sad to give it away but I know that Ian will love it and use it all the time. Wrapping it I could not help but think “it is Christmas time yet?”


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