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Soothing Green and Grey November 15, 2013

Cambria is one my eldest niece and she is a very unique and special girl! She has decided that she would like to change over from pink to greens and greys, and I could not be more proud. Green and grey are calming colors which is something that I think could help her to quite her mind for a while. With this in mind I decided to make her quilt using these colors.

quilt, quilted blanket, DIY, handmade, home made, Christmas Present

Hobby Lobby opened a new store down the street from our house so of source I had to go” and check it out! The store was wonderful with all of its decorations and crafting supplies. I was very happy when I found the fabrics, shown above, for Cambra’s quilt. There is a couple shades of each color as well as some butterflies. When I got home I found that I also had some remnants of a black and white fabric both with writing on them which matched. The writing has acronyms such as “LMBO” and “OMG” on it which may be more appropriate in a couple years as she will soon be a teenager.

Fabrics selected and in the washing machine, time to create the layout. For this quilt I decided to make her pattern and it different. Instead of doing squares of large rectangles like the previous two blankets I decided to make it look almost like bricks.

quilt, quilted blanket, DIY, handmade, home made, Christmas Present

Of course that it just the first few rows laid out but you get the idea. Time to sew!

When the front was done I still needed the right fabric for the back. I did not want to use something solid and plain so it made it harder to find just the right fabric. Finally I found a fabric that I liked and bought it in a blink of an eye. Okay so it was not that fast LOL =)

quilt, quilted blanket, DIY, handmade, home made, Christmas Present

I thought that the black with white and green butterflies would compliment the front of the blanket. Who knows the addition of butterflies might even give me room to make her other fun things for her room later… food for thought.

When the back fabric was washed, I attached and added some clear buttons as the finishing touch.

Buttons on Cambria's quilt

I think that this is the perfect blanket for our girl!

Cambria's Finished

I hope that she find this calm and soothing in her room.


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