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Transformers and Pirates Challenge… I Accept! November 18, 2013

If you have not guessed, this year for Christmas I am making blankets for my niece and nephews on Ash’s side of the family. I have completed the blankets for Owen and Ian thus far. Now it is time for Payton.

Payton loves Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean. I asked him if he like the Pirates of the Caribbean because it was pirates and was quickly corrected. “I like them cause of Jack Sparrow not cause it is pirates.” Well that came through loud and clear =) I smile when I remember the look on his face, so serious!

How on earth am I going to combine but of these movies into one quilt? Well, I almost was unable to. After searching all of the local stores and looking online, I could not find any Pirates of the Caribbean fabric. I felt lucky to find the piece of Transformers fleece fabric that I did. Companies are not making fabric of these two themes because they are not as popular any longer. Disheartened I called my Mom to ask her for some advice on how to achieve this challenge and she came through as always.

She suggested that I purchase Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirts and quilt around them. This is perfect! With the help of Ash and eBay we were able to find three shirts to use.

pirates; pirates of the caribbean; shirts; r;euseing t-shirts;

So the front will be Pirates and the back will be Transformers.

Transformers; Quilt; Handmade; Christmas Present

Sounds simple enough but now comes the fun part of putting it all together! The first thing that I need to do is decide how I would like the pattern to look. Using a pencil and paper I drew a rough sketch of the layout and after some changes finally found one I liked. Next step is to cut the pieces and lay them out on the floor to be sure that it looks the way that I envisioned it. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!


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