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Bookshelf Door… Yes, please! November 22, 2013

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Have you ever looked at a door in a small room and wished that there was a way to make better use of that space? I know that I have.


I stumbled across this picture online and thought that it was a very interesting concept. Of course my mind starting running down a lost of ways that I would put this concept to use in my house. I thought that it might be nice to use on the inside of the door to the spare room, the hall closet of even changing out closet from curtains to doors. The last one is not likely to happen but the other two might be options. Do you have any rooms that this would be useful in?

I am defiantly going to keep this idea bookmarked for the future. Who knows, I might actually do it one day. You never know!


One Response to “Bookshelf Door… Yes, please!”

  1. moneyortime Says:

    This is a great idea! Linen closet would be perfect, or even the office. Thanks for sharing. I am going to keep this idea in mind!

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