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Christmas Cottage Painting November 29, 2013

For a couple of months I had been talking with one of my close friends about taking a painting class together. She found a place called the Painted Cork. Looking at their site and calendar we started to get excited!

We decided to take the Christmas cottage class together this past Sunday.

It was fun, and interesting! When we arrived each person had a place set for them including a canvas that had a stretch done.


During the class the instructor clearly explained and showed us how to do each step. During the last hour we were let loose to be creative and personalize our paintings. To be honest I did not even wait that long to personalize and until the end of the class I though I was the only person making changes so much earlier.

Let me explain a bit… First we painted the sky and the snow-covered ground, then the house. At this point another person added a picket fence in front of the house in their painting. The next step was painting the trees in the background of the house, this is where I changed mine. I did not want the leaf less trees covered in snow because they look cold and sad to me. That is probably because I grew up with an evergreen loving mother =), she always preferred evergreen trees and plants in the yard. The teacher taught me how to make the evergreen trees on my painting and I was so happy with the difference it made. In fact I got a lot of compliments on it as well.


Can you see the difference between them? This is both of our paintings at the end of the class. We are so proud!


You can also see that I added some Disney aspects to mine as well.! I could not resist! My husband was in shock  when I got home to show him and is already working with me to get it ready to hang on the wall for the season.


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