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Challenge Completed! Transformers and Pirates Blanket Complete December 4, 2013

Last time we talked about this quilt I was perfecting the layout.

Now that I have the layout how I want it, it is time to adhere the inside of the shirt. By that I mean, I will be using a thing our family calls stitchwich. Joann’s carries it back by the cutting table. It is used to iron two pieces of fabric together so I am using it on the inside of the shirt. Why, you make ask? Well the reason is to prevent the shirt material from stretching while sewing and/ or by use. So with the adhesive done it is time to sew the front.


The front went together rather smoothly. To be honest I thought that it was going to be a lot harder for me to do. I laid the front piece on the floor and laid the back fabric over it. The transformers fabric was not quite big enough so I bought some black fleece to add to the top and bottom of the blanket back.


Now for the final steps! Pinning and sewing the front and back together, then flipping it right side out and adding the yard supports. This was how it turned out…


I don’t know if you noticed it but there is a big open space in the top left corner of the quilt front. This makes the blanket feel incomplete but it might start a fun adventure later. I am going to leave it and see if or what Payton wants to add!

My Christmas presents are officially done!!


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