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Let the Fireside Time Begin December 6, 2013

The temperature the last few days has been in the 40’s during the day which means it is colder at night and in the mornings. Our house only has the gas wall unit which honestly does not work, so we have it blocked off. Unfortunately this makes the house a cold box. Due to the cold I have been patiently, sort of, waiting for a burn day.

For those of you who do not have this in your area, this is a regulatory thing in our area. There are only certain days that you can burn a wood burning fire so you have to check the website, or get daily emails, to find out.

Tuesday was the start of a few day stretch of burn days so of course I jumped right in.

First Fire of 2013

It is so calming and relaxing for me to sit and watch a fire. The noises, smells and warmth make me feel at peace. As you can see in the picture, we have a new screen for the fireplace. This was added because the doors, which we originally on the fireplace when we bought the house, fell off.  After everything I am pleased with the visual change. Of course I am also pleased because it keeps the kittens out of the fireplace. It used to be one of their favorite places to hide… eeek!

While enjoying the fire I was pleased to have the company of my eldest baby, Dixie.


She was enjoying the warmth too and I could not resist taking a picture of her because she looked just as relaxed and happy as I was.

Well time for me to get busy again. Until we talk again, stay warm.


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