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Hope Chest Project Creative Block December 9, 2013

The last time that I shared this project with you the hope chest looked like this.

Hope Chest with Trim Added

The next step was to stain the new wood supports and molding. Some of the wood on the outside of the chest was dinged and faded so I decided to stain the entire chest.  Originally I was all set up to sand outside but the weather was being odd so we moved the hope chest into the garage. Once wet up I went to work. It was a slow process because I was sanding it by hand. The original hope chest was actually covered with a vainer finish so the lid was the only area safe for machine sander, which Ash did for me.

When Ash was done sanding, I started filling in any uneven areas and hand sanding to make it smooth.


Of course you can see from the picture that is still have some finishing touches to do. For example hand sand around the scroll design on the front. Once I am done with that I have to finish it, but I do not know how I want it to look….

I feel guilt that it is sitting in the garage all sanded and ready to finish but I have hit a creative road block. How do I break down the block? What do I want the chest to look like finished?

Have you ever hit a creative block? How did you break down the block? What inspiration can you give me? Do you have any suggestions for me of how I could finish it? I would love to get your feedback!


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