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Destruction of Organization by Kittens December 11, 2013

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A few weeks ago I shared the changes to the living room including storage for crafts under the couch.

Bins Under Couch

I was pleased with this use of space for organization. Sadly the kittens did not agree with me =(

Last week, when I pulled out some bins with fabric a very unmistakable smell arose. Yup! They pee’d all over the fabric in the bins below the couch as well as the bin of fabric I have temporarily moved from the closet to the livingroom. First thing to do was to put all the laundry in the wash to get the smell out and avoid, as much as possible, stains.

With this first task in progress, it was going to take more than one load, I took some time to rethink the organization. I obviously needed a new plan for storing all of the fabric. After some calming breaths I decided that I would separate out the fabrics that I was going to use for the next couple quilts, cut the pieces and store them in a zip lock bag (one bag per blanket). This process will take me a bit longer than others I might have thought up but I think that it might also get me inspired to do another blanket sooner. LOL! I need some blanket inspiration after the blankets I did for Christmas this year =D

Now that I had a plan of how I was going to store it I had to decide where I was going to store it. The hall closet was the only place that I could think of for storing anything. The closet needs some organization in itself so I will get that done and share the adventure with you soon.


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