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Painted Laundry Curtain December 16, 2013

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 1:20 pm

Our laundry area is in the garage so it is a bit dirty and dark. I see a lot of fun blogs about people decorating their own laundry areas inside their houses and I must admit that I am envious.  I have added shelves to the laundry area which has helped a great deal. I do not have the clutter of everything stacked on top of the dryer but I still want to do more.

Light bulb moment! I will paint the pull down curtain in the laundry area! When we bought the house there was a white pull down curtain installed in the window above the washing machine. To be honest I have never used it because it was so dull. Painting it would add some much needed color to the area and be cost effective because I already have everything that I need, except a design idea. Hmmm…

Our roommate, Damion, got the curtain down for me and I laid it out on the floor in the garage. I cleaned and painted it.


I used celery heart and half an onion for the shapes. Did not turn out exactly as I had planned but it is an improvement none the less.


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