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Garden Fence January 29, 2014

I have talked before about many options for our garden lately but I was always trying to avoid one thing… fencing off the garden area.

I really did not want to do this because I thought that it would make the yard look smaller and would take away some of the space for the dogs to run around in. Of course the dogs running around is part of the reason I was thinking of so many ideas. As some of you may recall I moved the last of my plants to bins to try to save them.

Plastic Container Garden

They were doing well until the first frost hit, then they started to die. Rosco and Dixie thought that they were helping me remove dead plants from the yard. LOL nope! Oh well, at least my herbs survived.

Over the last month or so I have been ordering my seeds so that I am prepared for planting time. Looking at the amount of plants I want and the space in the yard, building raised planter beds might be more expensive then I originally thought.

Fencing in the garden is the best option after all. Now time to prepare for the fence by doing the research. I need to know what I will need to use/buy, how much and the cost. The first part is easy, I called and asked my Dad about the fencing. He told me that I could use metal posts and wire fencing. I am going to add a gate, or course, so he will help me install it when I am ready.

Next I measured the distance and went online to Home Depot to price out the supplies. The total cost of the fencing is much more acceptable to me so we bought the supplies needed, minus the gate which I will explain later.

Now that we have all the supplies, it is time to get started. Ash measured out the distance between posts and laid them on the ground in position. Then using a post jammer (not sure if that is the name or not) he put the posts into the ground. We are not installing posts across the entire yard because we will be stapling the wire to the posts of our patio cover. This enabled us to reduce the cost and also not have wasted space along the edge of the patio.

Once the posts were installed it was time to run the wire and attach it to the posts. We ran wire the first pole past the patio and cut the wire. Then Ash attached a fencing poll to the end of the wire fencing to make a make-shift gate. The wire for the rest of the fence was simple enough.

Garden Fence

The Fence area is hidden in this picture but it is where the rack is. The gate is held together by two purple slips.

gate clips

Well yard still needs a lot of work and is a mess but I am pleased with the progress. I have to admit that even though I did not want to fence this area off, I am very pleased with how it looks. Now it is time to get everything ready for spring. Let the work begin!


One Response to “Garden Fence”

  1. designbycyn Says:

    The simplest solution is usually the best! Glad you will be able to curb the gardening help our g-dogs have been doing! LOL Stick with it sweetie, it’s gonna be a great year!

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