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Preparation for Planting January 31, 2014

One of my co-workers showed me the variety of plant and flower seeds available on ebay and I was so excited. Maybe a bit to excited because I bought a lot of seeds for both the garden and the front yard. Bought a lot but spent almost nothing in comparison.

Now that all the seeds are arriving I am starting to realize how soon spring could be here. You might be thinking ” How so? Are you crazy?” and you might be right but let me explain. Spring could be here soon not because the weather is going to change soon but because of the time needed to prepare. Now that I have been back to working full time, and it is dark out when I get home, it is harder for me to spend as much time working on preparing the yard. See I am not crazy about spring coming fast!

In order to be prepared I need to create two areas for use. First I need to start removing all the weeds and install my garden beds, which will take a bit. The garden beds are about the same size as the one I created last year. To start I am going to place bricks around the areas of where I want the planters to be. Then I am going to spray weed killer to try to eliminate the crab grass. Crab grass is my worst enemy in the yard!

While I am working on that I am also working on my hot house. Originally I was using a tile table on the patio because it got sun shine but no frost. But with all the new seeds that I bought, that is not going to be enough room. So I did some research online and found a hot house that will fit by needs.

Hot HouseI have to admit that putting this together was much harder than it appeared. The end result was me being upset and our room mate putting it together for me. Once it was together I moved it outside to its new home below our bedroom window. This location gets a lot of sun, is in the garden area and does not block the view from the house. Having it in place could not have happened soon enough because I have seedlings ready to move into there to grow further.

Seedlings 1Seedlings 2

I have more to plant and get started and now that the hot house is in place, I have the space to do it. This is so exciting!!!


One Response to “Preparation for Planting”

  1. The Editors of Garden Variety Says:

    Glad to know things are coming along for you. Happy gardening!

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