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Curtains Retreat and Regroup February 3, 2014

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I have been working on two curtain projects and sadly both have not turned out or were a total flop.

First was the curtains in our bedroom. Ash and I decided that we wanted to fold the green ones in half then attach the light house fabric across the front. That sounded good and easy in theory. The reality was frustration and sewing machine repair after a lot of broken needles.

The second was the painted curtain for the laundry room. I shared the painting with you and I not excited or upset about the results until I went to hang it. The brackets which held the curtain in place broke and then the curtain tore away from the curtain room. In short, the curtain fell apart!

So after those two “fun” experiences I am retreating from the projects so that I can regroup and come up with a better plan.

Who would have thought that two curtain projects could make me run screaming! LOL! Any ideas for curtains you could share with me? Have you ever had a similar thing happen to you?



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