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Ocean Cliff Painting Class at the Painted Cork February 10, 2014

Some of you may remember me sharing the painting of the Christmas Cottage that I painted in November. Yesterday, we decided to take another class. We painted the ocean cliff. Going into the class I was nervous about the painting we chose because I was not sure I could do it. Doubting myself happens a lot but I am working on changing that =).

We started the class with a blank canvas. Well not completely blank because they had drawn a pencil outline of some of the different areas for us. The first thing that we painted was the sky, ocean water and the clouds.

first part of ocean painting

From there we painted the cliffs.

cliffs started

Then we started adding color. Green was the first color we added as a launching point for the flowers. Then we added orange for the first flowers and contrast to the top of the cliffs. Dark brown was added to edge the cliffs and add depth.


From there it was time to make it a bit more unique. I added yellow, maroon, purple and pink for the flowers. Plus a lighthouse and pod of killer whales.


Looking at it up close I was not sure how well I did but when I stood back and looked at it from a distance, I was pleased. Both of our paintings turned out beautiful and I love seeing the unique qualities of each one.

IMG_1241[1]Now I have to decide what I am going to do with it… I originally planned it to be a start to my christmas presents but I am finding it hard to think about giving it way. Well I have time to decide and we are already looking forward to our next class. In the meantime…. back to work and projects.


2 Responses to “Ocean Cliff Painting Class at the Painted Cork”

  1. designbycyn Says:

    It is fantastic! When you take a class like that you definitely see how different everyone sees the same view! Branch out sweetie! Scary and so much fun at the same time.

  2. Colli Says:

    In case anyone would like to attend one of the painting classes, the studio is named The Painted Cork You can view all the different paintings they offer and see the class calendar for the two locations. I encourage you to join in the fun!

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