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Hot House Success! February 12, 2014

Getting back to normal is a bit more challenging than I thought…. but then again, what is normal?

We have been blessed with some rain and I am glad to have the hot-house set up. Two weekends I got all the seeds planted and put into the hot-house. I was so happy to look in last night and note that EVERYTHING is growing!!!


The picture does not show all the seed sprouts but they are there. I can’t wait to see all of the plants in their new homes (once they grow big enough that is). In the mean time I am still working on the garden beds.

Ash and I decided to try weed control plastic. We are going to spray the ground with weed killer and then lay the plastic over the top, using bricks to hold down all the edges. Of course the rain has made the grass grow so I will need the ground to dry enough to move or weed the areas first. I want the weed killer to reach the roots, not get lost at the top.

Putting the plastic out will also help me to show Ash exactly how many boxes, and where the boxes I want will go. Sometimes I can visualize things perfectly but it gets lost in translation when I al talking to him =)

I will share more when we have the weed control plastic in place. In the meantime… Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


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