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Blessed and Thankful February 17, 2014

Has anyone ever called you a “clean freak”? My sister used to call me something similar when I was younger. I was so proud of that “nickname” and I am miss those days.  When I was younger my sister and I shared a room. We were like night and day which made each day and adventure! I was always clean and organized. Sometimes during the summer, I would get up after everyone was in bed and clean the house. My family loves to tease me about how when I clean they can not find anything.

Since the beginning of the holiday season this last year I have not been clean at all. It makes me sad to see the house as it is. And yet… I don’t have the desire to clean. For some of you, no desire to clean might be normal but for me it is odd. Cleaning was always a stress release for me. It made me happy and got my mind thinking about what fun things I could work on when I was done. I cleaned my house 3 to 5 times a week.

The day after christmas I took down all the holiday decorations and started to clean but could not do it. That feeling continued with me to the point I was getting quotes on a one-time house cleaning service. Ash was not happy with the cost so he made me a huge offer.

Ash promised to devote an entire day to cleaning the house with me. He told me that he would do anything I asked him to do. His only request was that I make a list so that he knows exactly how much I want to get done. I made the list and tried to be detailed about what each item entailed.

I feel so much better having the house clean. I feel like I can finally keep up with the house work and maybe find time for creative things again. Plus with the kitchen clean and orgainized I finally know where I want to put the new addition. Yup, Ash is buying us a dishwasher!!!! I am so excited to not have to hand wash dishes for 10 mins each day!!!! I will share more with you when we bring the dishwasher home.

For now I am going to enjoy the wonderful gift of time and hard work my awesome husband gave me! I am so blessed to have him and thankful everyday I have to share with him!! Thank you Ashlin ❤


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