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Our First Brand New Couch! February 26, 2014

A few months ago we saw a couch at Costco that we loved! It was a pull out bed and a chaise plus had extra storage but we were not in a place to buy it. The dogs needed to be trained to stay off and the cats to stop scratching furniture. After that visit to Costco the couch was gone and I was worried that they would not carry it again so I searched online. Amazon had some that were similar but not the same one.

Then Wednesday night we were at Costco again and it was back. Ash decided it was time for us to buy it so we started the adventure of getting it home. I pulled the truck up in front to provide light and room for loading. Ash and Damion got the couch loaded and tied down with the twine Costco supplies. It came in two boxes so loading it was a game of tetris!

ford truck, F150, loaded truck, couch in boxes, couch loaded in bed of the truck

Once we were home I helped to clear off the old furniture so that it could be moved to the garage. The futon when out without a problem but the recliner (which was already broken) had to be broke in half. It may not sound like it but that part was fun for us! Damion and I had to sit on the bas of the chair while Ash pulled the top off. I wish that there was someone there to take a picture of it =).

Next step was to bring the new couch inside. Easier said then done!!


The boxes were wider than our front door….. after a bit or grumbling and growling the couches were removed from the boxes and brought inside. Then they were hinged together and put into place.

couch, new couch, pull out sleeper, chaise loung, hidden storage

Sorry not the best picture! I promise to post a new one ASAP!

I think that the room looks more open, I apologize again for the bad picture, a new one is coming. The couch is certainly a lot more comfortable. Plus it is easy to use! The lower portion of the couch pulled out.

sleeper couch, pullout sleeper, easy to use, comfortable

Then you just pull the two pulls and the sleeper rocks into place.

leeper couch, pullout sleeper, easy to use, comfortableMy Mom was the first to sleep on it this past weekend and she gave us good reviews on the comfort level!


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  1. Kellie Says:

    That is awesome ,

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