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Variety Added February 28, 2014

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 9:00 am

Our front yard is an ongoing project. We planted a lot of flowers last year and I have been waiting on bated breath to see if they survived the winter. The geraniums which I put in pots along the edge of a planter looked like then had died. I was sad-looking at them on Saturday morning and then I saw something…. there were shoots from the bottom! The new growth was hidden behind some weeds and leaves so I cleaned it all out while I was waiting for my Mom to arrive.

Last that day, my Mom and I went to Green Acres nursery in Roseville. It is always fun to walk around, get new plants and dream of adding others in the future. This trip I decided to get something new. I bought a peach tree!

I am so excited to add this to the yard. The blossoms and fruit will mix with the perfume of the honeysuckle in the front yard making the breeze smell heavenly!! Ash moved the elderberry tree from the center of the yard to the corner where my Calla Lilies were. Then we planted the peach tree in its place.

The peach tree has so many benefits to it and I am so excited to have it! The tree will provide shade which will help prevent as much burning of the flowers in the summer heat and shade to cool the house. Peach is also my favorite fruit so I will be eating them ripe as well as canning them.

I know that it will be a lot of work but Boy am I Excited!!! I think that I might add a couple more fruit trees next year, if this tree does well. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!


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