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Built-in or Rolling? Which is better? March 3, 2014

I have learned from conversation with my co-workers that it is odd and upsetting to them to not have a dishwasher. Well we have been living without one since we bought the house because one was not added. For the 8 to 10 months or so it was not so bad. I was able to keep up with the dishes. Then I got hurt and after that lost my Poppi…. during that time it was hard to stay caught up on anything because I had no energy to do anything. All of my smiles and happy facade was only while at work.

Add my new-found love for getting more out of my food to falling behind on dishes, it make stress for me. But all of that is about to change because we are getting a dishwasher!!!

I started to look at the Home Depot website for dishwashers. Find out all the options, sizes and colors. I found a rolling dishwasher and a built-in dishwasher that I liked. But how do I choose which one is right for us?

The rolling dishwasher has the bonus of being able to be moved where ever we want it. It only has to be plugged in while in use.

rolling dishwasher, portable dishwasher

This is the SPT 18 inch portable dishwasher. It is a nice size, energy-efficient with good reviews. Although I am still not sold on it.

Built in Dishwasher Option

This is the Maytag JetClean Plus. It is also a nice size, energy-efficient with good reviews.

Looking at our kitchen I can see where I would put the portable rolling dishwasher when it is not in use. But when it is in use it may be harder to get past it to access half of the kitchen on the garage, which is a definite downside. The built-in dishwasher would require us to remove a cabinet to install. We have limited space already, so would that be a better choice?

I talked to my Dad and he told me that he can help me get set-up for either choice. Just to make sure that I measure all spaces I am considering so there are no surprise “It doesn’t fit!” moments later. I have a little time to do further research and planning before we buy, does you have any suggestions or experiences with dishwashers that you could share with me?


2 Responses to “Built-in or Rolling? Which is better?”

  1. Kellie Says:

    I didn’t like our rolling one I prefer a built in one. Before you purchase check out sears they usually have the old models that were on the floor for cheap

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