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Wall Improvement Remodel Project Begins March 5, 2014

The back wall of our dinning room area has a huge window and a single door going out to the back yard. The window is outdated and does not work.

Back wall of the house

We are trying to update the house so that it is more energy-efficient. At first I put up dark brown curtains but it made a small difference in the temperature during the summer. Plus it makes the house really dark and depressing. Well, to me anyways! The door to the back yard works well but we can’t prop it open for fresh are because the screen door has a big gap at the bottom that allows cats out and bugs in LOL! All of this combined to making it easy to decide to redo that wall easy.

The wall is going to have a sliding glass door in the center of the wall. This will give us some space to one side for the dining room table. My parents had the sliding glass door which I love so I asked them to give us the information. The door has the built-in blinds that you can raise and lower as well as tilt. Giving you color over how much light you want in the room. It also has a screen door so we can get some fresh air on those nice cool nights! At first I was a bit discouraged because the door was not available any longer. I tried contacting the manufacturer and had just made contact when I found the same door only a foot larger at Home Depot.

There was only one in stock so Ash called the store and asked them to put it on hold. That night we went to pick it up. Damion and Ash had a hard time loading the door. In fact, Damion ended up under the door at least once LOL! Finally we got the door home safe.

Door in garage

It now resides in our garage waiting for the scheduled time when my parents will be in town to help us install it. I will share more about the install after it is done.


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