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Bright Cat Quilt March 10, 2014

A few weeks ago I shared the fabric for the cat quilt I was planning. The fabric was already cut into quilter square size which I liked. I had not done something that size before plus with design on the fabric looked nicer in a larger size compared to a smaller one. I was afraid that if I cut the fabric into the smaller squares, like I have done in the past, that the quilt would look to crazy and you would not enjoy the cute fabric.

Cat Quilt .jpg

Once it was laid out I could not help but smile at the color! I am not usually so bold, even when it is for another, but I am learning.  After sewing all the squares together, I decided to use a soft blue fabric as the back.

What do you think? Think that it will made some toddler smile? I can not wait to drop it off to Project Linus…. although I think that our kittens want me to keep it for them.


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