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Dog Tog Success!! March 20, 2014

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 6:24 am

Our Dogs love to play and Tug-of-War is Rosco’s favorite! Toys got to expensive for the hour of play they provided. I decided to try making my own. I read blogs and instructions from other people. Finally I just turned on a movie and went to work.

I had some scraps from the quilts I had made and an old set of sheets. I cut it all into narrow strips, then tied a knot at one end. Once the knot was in place, I braided the pieces together and secured it with another knot. When all strips had been braided I took three braids and braided them together. This made the toy thicker and I bit more durable. I still was not satisfied, so I put as  many knots in the rope as I could manage.

By the time I was done, Rosco was begging at my feet. He wanted to play with the new toys SO bad! It was so cute, I threw them all in the air and laughed at him trying to choose one. A little over a week later they are still holding up and Rosco is still loving them!


Look at this happy puppy!


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