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Running Around Like a Chicken…. March 24, 2014

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Growing up we had chickens. There was always about 30 of them, or at least it always seemed that way with them running around your feet LOL! Having chickens was always a blessing because we had fresh eggs. I guess we could have eaten them when they stopped producing but Mom could not have handled it if we did.

Our house goes through quite a few eggs in a week. They are good to eat but taste nothing like the fresh eggs I grew up having. Since I will be building a compost bin and miss fresh eggs, I thought I would check into getting chickens. I wanted to do some research before buying them so that we did not break any rules and get citations.

Looking online at the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County websites I found that it is an option. Option meaning possible hoops to jump through and conflicting information. One site mentions that you can have a max of three chickens if you lot is a minimum of 10,000 sq. ft. There would be a $15 annual permit fee and !4 annual registration fee per chicken. The other site says that there is a $4500 permit application fee, which is not refundable if your application is denied!

Of course the one thing that both sites agree on it that the chickens must be in a pen away from the house and property line; no one can smell them; and no roosters.

They are not helpful at all! I started to get frustrated so I decided to email the permits department of both county and city to ask. I will let you know what they say, that is if they respond to me.


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