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Surprising Personal Realization March 26, 2014

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Getting healthy and in shape has been an ongoing goal on mine. I thought that I was a farther off from reaching my first goals but I was wrong.

Weekend before last I went shopping with my Mom. It is always fun and relaxing to spend time with her. I miss living close by and I cherish the time I get with her. We went to a couple of thrift stores and then to Lane Bryant. I needed a new bra and wanted to try on pants one size down because mine were loose which was starting to become uncomfortable.

For some laughs, or so I thought, I took in pants that were a couple of sizes smaller. They fit!!! I went from an 18 to a 14 womans. I was so amazed I thought that I would cry.

With this new-found reduction in size I got re-measured for a bra. I needed a smaller brand now too! I guess I should have realized that by the fit of my old ones but to be honest I thought that they were just worn out.

Usually I would not share things like this but I am so excited and happy I had to share!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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