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Pallet Planter Boxes Completed April 7, 2014

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Making your own pallet planter boxes sounded good when I started. I just did not estimate the correct amount of frustration I would go through in the process. I started pulling all the pallets apart by using a hammer to remove nails. That was exhausting and impossible so I asked Ash to cut the ends off. That made it a bit easier to pry the boards off the center support. After a few hours of working on that and hitting myself with the hammer, I decided to have Ash cut the wood away from the center of the remaining pallets.

When all the wood was ready, I painted it all so that it would be sealed. Once all the paint had dried, Ash used the nail gun to put them all together. They are not even edges or perfect because I did not measure them but I am still pleased.

Excited to be so close to planting, I went to Home Depot and picked up the dirt to fill the boxes. Filling the boxes was a bit of a slower process because I laid weed protection fabric on the ground, so I had to keep the dirt on top of that.  While the dirt settled and acclimated to the yard. I got the metal plant cages and lattice ready to install

Finally after a few hours in the sun, everything was planted!






As you can tell, I still need more plant cages but I will fix that this week.Along with moving the grass.  Right now I feel the happiness of accomplishing a task! Thanks to my husband my garden is planted and will hopefully grow and produce a large amount of food!


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