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DYI Cow Milking Contest Bucket April 11, 2014


I did not know until recently that there was such a thing as a cow milking contest. The BBQ I will be attending today will be having one and I got to be a part of the process. =)

We had thought about using latex gloves for the udders but they would have popped. I found a photo online of a bucket made for professional contests.

Milk Bucket

This gave me a starting point for making our own. We bought two buckets from the Dollar Store.


Then I drove to Tractor Supply to buy the teats we needed for milking.


Once I had all the supplies ready, I marked the holes for ash to drill for me.


The first attempt to drill did not work because the bucket bottom shattered. So using a dremmal he made a small hole and then ground it until it was the right size.

Once the holes were done, we inserted the teats.


Once the teats were in, it was time to seal the bucket. We used clear waterproof caulking around the inside and the ouside of the bucket. Boy does it smell!!! I had no idea before but after having my face close to it… yuck!

We left the buckets to cure over night. Hopefully some of the smell goes away too!


I can’t wait to use them this afternoon…. I will share more pictures with you once the bucket is attached to the cows.



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