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Changing sprinkler set-up April 14, 2014

As our yard evolves, so must our watering system. Thankfully we have the Rainbird sprinkler system in our yard which allows for change.

The first change was to cap off the sprinkers which are no longer needed. Our dogs have ran and played so much in the yard, there is basically no grass left by the patio. One of the sprinkler heads is turned to water that area because I used to try to keep that area green for them. Mud is all it made! Dixie loves the mud but I am not such a fan of the mud which comes inside with her.

Home Depot has two different cap options:

  1. You can remove the sprinker head and top of the cylinder. This is a nice option if you plan to use the sprinkler head again.
  2. You can remove the sprinkler head and casing then cap off the water line. This will remove it to below ground level so that you can cover the area with something else. A patio, maybe?

I have deided to use option one for our back yard, for now, so I bought that caps from Home Depot.

Installing them was easy!

  1. dig the dirt away from the sprinkler head
  2. holding the cylinder casing, unscrew the sprinkler head.
  3. Screw on the cap.
  4. Replace the dirt.

There is another sprinker system change that I will be doing. I will be changing out the sprinker heads to run a drip system. Home Depot has the kits to make the change. This will make watering the garden more efficient because it will not water the unwanted grass. In turn reducing the amount of water used in the yard, which is important with the drought we are in. Once I get the kits I will show you how it works.



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