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Hope Chest of My Dreams April 16, 2014

I am ashamed to say that I forgot about this project for a while… until I started to clean up the garage. The hope chest was put up on top of the dog/cat food bins so that we would have more space to use and it would keep the cats from scratching it.

When I found it I was filled with a new desire to complete the project. Last I shared with you I was having a creative block. Now I have a clear vision…I am going to re-stain the hope chest.

Home Depot carries a new line of stains that seal as they stain. One step project, now that sounds nice! After looking at the color options I decided to go with a darker redish brown color.

Minwasx Wood Finish

Normally I would have gone for a lighter color but I have a big project for the living room planned and this color will look wonderful in the finished room.

I have to admit I was a bit hesitant about choosing to stain because I have not done it before. The paint counter assistant at Home Depot told me to use a cloth rag or sponge. They told me to keep the edge of the sponge wet and pull it across with the grain of the wood. I started with the satin finish but I was not pleased with the shine of the finish so I sent over it with the gloss finish and it was much better. It took four coats to get the finish how I liked it but it was worth it.

Finished Hope Chest.jpg

Tada!!! Staining complete!!! It is exciting to have another project off my list.

It looks dark in the living room but not for long…


One Response to “Hope Chest of My Dreams”

  1. Kellie Says:

    You are amazing cub.

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