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Preparing for Installations April 23, 2014

It is time to replace this window and door…

Back wall of the house

With a sliding glass door! While we’re at it, we are going to install a dishwasher too.

Of course now that we have set the date we have to do the prep work. Starting with planning where everything will be placed during construction. There is not much space in our house to move things so we decided to move the furniture in front of the fireplace. Due to the fact that most of the furniture would be placed in a new place after construction, I decided move some of the furniture now.

The desk I use to sew at has been to the right of the hallway opening, blocking the broken heater, but it will be relocated to the living room. To be honest I was hesitant because I was not sure that we had any extra space to spare in the living room. Negative thoughts were not going to give me answers or results so I got to work.

I turned one of the book shelves so it was against the same wall as the couch, slide the other down to the edge of the front door, removed the small table and added the desk. When I stepped back to look I was surprised that it did not look as bad as I thought. Ash agreed that it looked nice so I went about straightening back up the living room.

The kitchen was next. We had to decide which cabinet was being sacrified for the dishwasher.  Ash agreed with me that we should place it to the right side of the sink. Next step is to empty the cabinet and reorganize the contents into another space. Lucky for me there was once cabinet which was not being used to its full advantage so I was able to combine everything into one.

Once the cabinet was empty, including the shelf, I removed the doors, brackets, drawer and drawer rails. The last step will me to cut the cabinet away to make room for the dishwasher but I think that part will wait for Dad.


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