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Sliding Glass Door Installed April 28, 2014

Saturday morning we enjoyed coffee and breakfast while looking at the wall we were about to change. I was excited to see it be done but also about the nursery time I would be spending with my Mom. Yes, I must admit that we left the house while they did the work. But I know how is was done.

First, Dad and Ash removed the single pane windows while Damion started to remove the trim on the existing door. Once the window and door were removed Dad framed the openings.

Preparing and framing the wall required cutting the existing exterior stucco wall and it caused a lot of dust. They cut the wall while Mom and I went to make the first run to Home Depot for parts. Mom and I dropped of the supplies and left because I could not breathe in the dust.

When we returned a few hours later with lunch, the slider was installed and the original door opening was sheet rocked.


The work is not done because we need to tape and mud the sheet rock as well as stucco the exterior walls. Then the final finishes like trim and paint, you know the basics =) Break time is over, back to work I go!



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