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Time to Play with Mud, Texture! April 30, 2014

The sheet rock was hung on saturday evening, so on Sunday it was time for me to learn how to mud and tape the seams. It was a messy, tiring and fun task.


When I finished the wall, I was happy but also reminding myself that I was only halfway done. While it was drying Ash and Damion helped me remove the fake wood paneling from the wall next to the slider.


It took us a but to remove it all but I am glad that we did because there was holes and damage to the wall we needed to repair, including some permanent marker writing.

20140428-085701.jpgI was pleased to see that the permanent marker did not bleed through the mud so I will not have marks bleeding through the paint.

Ash was teasing me about the fact that taking down the fake wood was not part of completing the project we started but for me it is because it was coming down eventually so why not now when all the furniture is moved. This was I can texture and paint both walls at once. =)

The mud and hole repair had to dry for 24 hours and then we could sand and texture. We do not have a fancy rig like my dad so we are using cans of spray on texture for the walls. The texture was surprisingly easy to apply. Although the circular motion made my arms sore the rest of the evening.

Walls textured.jpg


Texture only needed about 30 mins to dry but the amount of fumes in the house pushed us out to the patio. Tonight is the night I get to paint and I am SO excited.


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