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Fire Therapy May 2, 2014

We ended up with a large pile of wood from the remodeling to the walls. The first thought was to break it all down and go to the dump. Then I thought about the outdoor fire pit Ash’s parents gave us for Christmas (which we had not used yet) and decided we should burn it and enjoy a relaxing night.

Monday night we grabbed wood from the pile as we burned. It was a nice fire and a nice way to end the evening.

Relaxing fire.jpg

Tuesday night I got home from work and cleaned up the yard a bit. I leaned all the wood against the house, threw away all the small (non-burnable) stuff like nails and dog poop.

Yard cleaned up.jpg

Then I took all the smaller peices of wood and build a pile in the fire pit so that we were ready for the fire to be lite at dusk.

Fire Ready.jpg

I have to say that burning the wood has been therapeutic. We have enjoyed a lot of laughter together around the fire. We still have a lot of wood left to burn but at least we will enjoy the time doing it.


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