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Framing love….. May 19, 2014

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After my Pop’s funeral, my niece, Erin asked me to create a frame for her. A frame that would hold a picture as well as the painted self portrait of her Grandpa (my Pop). I had no problem getting the frame casted and fired, it was ready to paint in no time. Now, as to the painting, I have stared at it for a long time. I knew that if I procrastinated for too long, well actually procrastination is the wrong word. I just emotionally wasn’t quite prepared or ready to paint the self portrait just yet. I think Erin also needed time to mourn, start to heal, and truth to tell she probable forgot she asked me for it.

I figured I would push through the pain and get it finished, just maybe the act of painting would be a balm for my sorrow also. This is exactly what happened, I came to start to talk to my Pop while I was painting him. No longer were there tears while I painted. The ache lessened, the sharp pain of viewing his portrait softened, and my healing started too.

Erinsframe1Erinsframe2Erinsframe3It is not just a sappy saying, “Working through the pain”. It is apt in this circumstance. While creating this request for my niece, I got through, worked through my pain while doing something I love to do……………… create and paint! Cyn


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