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Florabundance…… May 23, 2014

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The simplicity of flowers and vegetables is amazing, they need exactly what I need. A spot to be picked out to be planted in, somewhere where they can flourish. The right amount of sun, water and fertilizer to sustain a healthy growth. A ton of love and encouragement to reach for the sun/stars. Amazing how when all the ingredients are present, we all blossom, bloom and provide joy to those that surround us or come into contact with us. How utterly, wonderfully, and perfectly simple.

Our iris are blooming, I know I have mentioned how many different rhizomes Steven has planted through out our yard. They are beautiful and simply make everyone who visits smile while stopping to enjoy them. It is really hard to pick out just one as your favorite!

irisondriveway This is the first group of iris he planted, it lines our driveway and runs along our vegetable garden. There are over a hundred different colors/rhizomes all with their own unique names.

iriszebraThis is “Peekaboo Zebra” from Zebra Gardens. My favorite hybridizer, I love the striping in all of his iris.

irisaroundpool1One side….irisaroundpool2The other side, with Cinnamon Girl in the forefront. Another hundred line the back yard and around my bisque barn.

iriscoutsideshopThis is what greets me when I leave my bisque barn. I await this every year!

iris“Patriot Heart” and “Introspection”.

I hope that you enjoy these lovely blooms! Now when I talk about the abundance of iris in our yard, you will kinda know the scope of what I am referring to. This is the beginning of the blooming in our yard, this is definitely the fireworks of spring.

So much more to come, nurture and love simply what all of us need daily…………………Cyn


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