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Beeeautiful! May 26, 2014

We are always on the watch for a new plant to add to our garden, an unusual bloom or foliage. We sometimes have to wait two years to see a plant finally bloom! We check every morning or evening to see which of our plants have bloomed and to keep an eye on which one might be next. Anticipation is one of the things I never tire of in anything. We all need something to look forward to, no matter what it is.

We came across a plant called “The Tower of Jewels” , Echium wildpretii. The name itself was intriguing, the foliage was fuzzy, and it was said to have a tall spike of red blooms. We couldn’t wait to see this bloom! In the first year of planting it, it went from a 4″ pot to a two foot round fuzzy green growing tower.

After 1 year

As the tower of fuzzy green kept growing, I truly was getting so excited. Only to be heart broken when a gopher compromised it’s root and it wilted and died before I could save it. Determined to see this bloom for myself, we bought a new 4″ plant. This time we planted it near our well, the vibrations from the well keeps the gophers from spending much time in the area. I had a good feeling this time we would be able to see the tower of blooms the following year. So, the wait and anticipation started anew.

So far so good, it’s first year under its belt, we waited out the winter watching for any sign of distress. Spring has come around and we watched the tower grow and grow. Then practically over night the blooms started to open up. On Easter, we were all treated to it’s gorgeous, beautiful splendor.

4 feet tall and still growing and blooming

Just look at it’s bloom close up. So stunning!

Close up of bloom

It now is about 4 feet and the bloom is still unfurling and growing. Who knows how much taller it will become. With this show stopper, the wait was so worth it! We go out every evening and take a look. I don’t think I ever tire of viewing this stunningly beautiful plant. The wonderful thing is that this bloom will take it’s time unfurling and we will get to enjoy it for a good long time.

We are truly blessed to be able to watch this unfold, oh and our hummingbirds are grateful as well as the honeybees! Cyn


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