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Dishwasher Joy! May 28, 2014

On Saturday morning (construction day a few weeks ago) the bank of cabinets looked like this.

Bank of Cabinets prior to Dishwasher

My Dad gave instructions to our roommate, telling him what to cut out in order for the dishwasher to be installed. This worked out well because he was working in the kitchen while Dad and Ash were working on the sliding glass door install. Once the door was installed my Dad and Ash went to work on the dishwasher. Ok so it was mostly my Dad working but Ash was learning through the process.

The dishwasher install was adventure to say the least. The outlet needed to be adjusted because it was attached to the disposal on/off switch. Dad found that it was wired shoty so he fixed the wires. Then it came time to hook of the water and drain lines. The fittings for the sink we leaking and there was not the right one to hook-up the dishwasher. Ash and Dad went to Home Depot to get the parts, which took a while because of the odd set-up the previous owner installed. Dad was triumphant as always and the dishwasher works like a dream!


Hooray, we have a dishwasher!

Now that the install is done and all the dust is cleaned, our kitchen looks like this.

diswasher bank shot

Thank you to all the amazing people who helped!



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