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Stucco… Yucco! May 30, 2014

Stucco… easy, right? Wrong!!

While I have been sharing all the work that has been done to the interior of the house, Ash has been doing the stucco. It seemed like it would be pretty easy process but listening to his frustrations I have learned it is far from easy.

My Dad started instructing him on the project as they were working on the door. Ash stapled asphalt paper to the wall with caulking behind it. The next step was to staple chicken wire over the asphalt paper. Dealing with the wires made his hands sore so it finished caulking around the door and exterior trim so that it is ready for me to paint later.

The following day Ash started the stucco and the first bag was a sticky adventure. Ash used a bucket to mix the stucco mix with water, but it was not easy to mix properly. We decided that it should be easier to get a cement mixer. After one accident with the machine, the first layer of stucco is done.

We are going to let the stucco cure for a while (which will also give Ash’s hands time to heal), then he will do the final coat.

Sorry I have no pictures to share with you, we have been working in tandem a lot so pictures did not happen. I can’t wait to share his finished walls with you.In the meantime, please share any tips you might have on how to make stucco easier.


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