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Navy Shadow Box June 4, 2014

My husband Ash is a Navy veteran. We have the his pins/medals and graduating class picture which I would like to display in our house.Before Navy Shadow Box

I decided to buy a shadow box frame and display it all together like I did with our wedding picture and flowers. The frame was ordered from Amazon so I had to wait for it to arrive. I was hoping to have bought it local but the size was not one of the average ones so no one was carrying it.y

Once the frame arrived I laid everything out on the table. I don’t know about you but I can sometimes put together a beautiful arrangement only to realize I missed a piece and have to start over. So placing everything on the table allows me to double-check I have it all before starting. For this project I also asked Ash to double-check and make sure I was not missing anything. Thankfully I wasn’t so I got started.

The frame I received was not what I was expecting. I though that it would have the hooks to hang it and a padded back piece. Instead I got a cardboard back piece so I used som black fleece fabric and push pins to put everything into place. It took me a little while to get it all into place.

Once everything is in place I set the frame and glass over the top and slide it to the edge of the table. Gently, it is lifted from the table and I lock the back piece back into place. Tilting it slowly, I then stand it up and look at the presentation. I want to be sure that everything stayed in place before I hang it. I had to make a adjustments a couple of times because things shifted.


Thankfully everything held in place the final time. The hanging place had been selected ahead of time and Ash nailed the hook into the wall for me, so all that is left to do is hang it.

Viola! I love it!


One Response to “Navy Shadow Box”

  1. Kellie Says:

    So awesome

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