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Needled Gourd June 6, 2014

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Wow, I am finally making some progress! You probably have forgotten the basket gourd that I got started back before Christmas sometime, even I can’t remember when LOL. It only took two years to get the gourd completely dried, so who’s counting now! When I visited my parents before my Pop broke his hip, they sent me home with the pine branches I was going to need for the edging of my basket.

pineneedles1The needles also took some time to dry. I was worried about all the sap from the fresh needles, so I separated them from the branch and left them to dry.

pineneedlesAmazingly, the needles still retained some of the green pigment. After measuring and marking the edge with 1/2″ increments in pencil, I took out my dremel and drilled the holes.

holesingourdThis delay of drying time for the pine needles actually worked in my favor. Every time Steven and I looked for leather cording, we couldn’t find any. Just when I needed the cording, I found it! A nice buttery tan color.

Getting started was the tough part, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I only knew what I was hoping it would resemble. With a deep breath, hearing my Pop whisper “Go For It”, I dove in with both feet! My yarn needle was perfect to lace the leather through. Grabbing probably 8 or 9 of the needles and making sure they were all facing the same direction, I got started at the lower corner. Adding more with every 5th stitch.

pineneedleedgingcloseupI realized I was holding my breath, ha ha ha. Stunning how beautiful nature is! I decided to leave the basket unlined, I loved the texture of the gourds interior. Not wanting to detract from the gourds beauty also, the lining might have taken the focus off the basket as a whole. Once I became more confident, it went quickly.

pineneedleedgedoneOne half of the edging finished! Time to play coming to an end for today, we have a Little League Game to attend for our grandson, Donovan. I will give you an update of the completely finished basket soon………………. Cyn



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