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Dreaming of New Bedframe June 9, 2014

When Ash and I got married our bed was on a generic metal frame. The frame kept it off the ground but did not have a head or footboard. Sadly, the frame got bent in the move so for about a year now we have had our bed on the floor.

At first I was happy with it because it keeps the pets from hiding under the bed. After a few months of this it started to bother me. The room just does not seem finished to me.

I remember a couple of years ago I saw this bedframe.


I still look at it and think about how I would love to have it. There is not room for pets under it, there is storage and it would get us off the ground.

Since I keep looking at it I have decided that we need one. That leaves one big question: do we buy one or pay my Dad to make us one?

With how busy my Dad has been, I am leaning towards buying one. Time to go shopping!


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