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Great Grandma’s Table: Resealed & Renewed June 24, 2014

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When Ash and I moved into our first apartment together my parents gave me my Great Grandma’s table. My Dad had sanded the surface and made it ready to be stained and sealed. Confusion: That was Memorial Day 2011 and the table is still not sealed…. eeek!

Until recently I had not worked with stain and I was intimidated by the thought of it. I did not want my first project with stain to me the table so I kept pushing it off. The table has been covered with a table-cloth to project it from as much as possible.

Now that I feel more confident with staining I have decided it is time to finish my table!

The table top is going to have the gloss finish so that it looks smooth and it shines. The legs and underside of the table will be done in the satin finish. I decided to use the satin finish on the lower portion because it will hide not prints. =D

First thing that I am going to do is to remove the fold-up sides and take them to the workspace outside. Then I will grab set the leaf from in the closet and take it outside too.

These three pieces are a good place to start because we can still use the table while they are removed. It is also good because I needed to replace the hinges for the fold-up sides.

The hinges creak loudly when the fold-up is in use. At first I thought that it was because the table was old and the wood was rubbing together. But when I unscrewed the hinges I would that the wood was stripped. I am going to try to find hinges that are longer and wider to replace the originals with.

When the final coat on the sides and leaf is dry I brought them inside the house. They will be stored in the closet, wrapped in a sheet for protection, until the tablewas completed.

Then I took the table outside and stained it. It took all day to stain it but it was well worth it. Once it was all dry I installed the new brackets and brought it back inside.

Stained Table

Amazing how much difference a few coats of stain can make!



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