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Bedroom Dreams Becoming Reality June 30, 2014

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A few weeks ago I shared my dream/desire to find/make new bed frame for our room. While it was not what I was originally thinking, I love the end result. Okay, I am getting ahead of myself.

Researching online for bed frames was challenging. Most bed frames I liked did not come in a California King. I was able to find one on amazon that looked nice but some of the reviews about putting it together made me a bit nervous. Then I found one on IKEA’s website.
We decided to go stroll through IKEA and take a look. Once there Ash pointed out a problem to me…… All the bed frames only go up to a king not California King. To be honest, I had no idea what the difference in sizes was so Ash explained it to me.
I was bummed and started to get a bit sad. All of the thoughts/ plans I was originally forming in my head were not coming to fruition. First, I decided that Dad would not have time to make the bed because of work and rehabilitating my Mom’s arm. Then the battle of finding a frame we both like in the correct size.
Ash asked if we should get a whole new bed and frame. I was a bit shocked but that because it would be more expensive and I thought that he loved the bed we have. Well come to find out, we are due for a new bed and he would not mind losing the extra space. Most of the extra space was used by the pets sleeping with us. So the decision of whether or not to go smaller was initially mine.
After some thought and discussion, we decided to buy the queen set. It will be larger adjustment for us but it will give us more floor space in the bedroom. I let Ash pick the bed frame, well ok that is not completely honest. I required built in drawers below the bed, he got to pick a frame that had them. Does not sound like much of a choice but there was headboard style and color to consider.
Once the decision was made it was time to load it on the cart for checkout. Which turned into another adventure! As some of you may know, IKEA has all the pieces in boxes, and our headboard was one box in our isle then the bed frame was in another isle.

20140622-092432-33872605.jpg We got everything but the frame pieces loaded and realized that they did not have the bed frame base in the same color as the head board.
Option one: buy what we have already and return on Monday for the frame.
Option two: get frame and headboard in all white.
Option three: get headboard in black and frame in white.

We decided to go with option three. It may sound odd but I thought about our comforter, it is white with blue shells and I king size so it will cover most of the frame.

Poor Ash was already tired!! We paid and loaded the truck.

Once home Ash got started with the headboard first while I emptied the bedroom of the original bed. He got it put together quickly and carries it into the bedroom. The frame was then anchored to the wall, something that we did not notice at the store. Ash hates working with anchors because they always give him trouble.

The headboard is nice because it leaves space to the power cords behind it, it has opening at the too for cords like lights and it has shelving on the sides. The shelving will be wonderful for his breathing machine and books for me. I love to fall asleep reading!
Now time to put together the bed frame, which came in three boxes.



Frame complete, now time to finish the drawers.



I am so pleased and excited. Ash was exhausted by this point but I hope that he can look at it later with pride and happiness. Now time for me to out it all together.

Rosco is certainly happy to be able to come back into the room.

Here is the storage on his side. I think it will be much better because now he doesn’t have to reach as far.

The drawers are the perfect side! We are able to remove the pillows, which Ash says we have too many of, from the bed and place them in the drawers. The pillows take up two drawers which leave the other two for storage.
With the sun shine coming through the window and falling across the room I am smiling!




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