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Fair Oaks Blvd Nursery July 8, 2014

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Researching which plants to grow and how much water perennials online was informative but it made me want to buy more plants. A little more research showed me that there are two nurseries in my area I had not heard of before. Saturday morning was beautiful weather. Slight breeze in the mid to high 80’s and slightly overcast with random bursts of sunshine. Perfect day to go buy flowers!!

I decided to go to the Fair Oaks Blvd Nursery.

Fair Oaks Blvd Nursery

The outside looked nice and clean, not a lot of people there shopping.

There was plenty of flowers and herbs to choose from. They had carts to use and the employees were friendly, waiting to help and or answer questions. I ended up buying a few plants.

Snowy Eyes Day Lily

Snowy Eyes

Arctic Snow Day Lily

Arctic Snow Day Lily

Wild Mustang Day Lily

Wild Mustang Day Lily

Bear’s Breech


And Snow White Petite Butterfly Bush… sadly no blooms to take a pictures of yet. As I am writing this blog post I am realizing that I might be in a slight rut or addicted to day lilies. LOL!!! But I am ok with it because they are wonderful and they grow well in our yard. Now it is time to see how well the plants from this nursery grow. I am so excited to have more flowers in the yard!


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