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Light and Delightful Lilac July 15, 2014

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All white. Yuck! Well at my at least it was to me. Our bathroom was all white from the walls to the tile. The only color in the room was from the brown mirror frame and the accessories I added.
A few months back we moved the towel rods to the back of the bathroom door. While I was going the holes in the walls, I decided it was time to paint. I asked Ash for color input but he was not much help so I narrowed down some options for him to pick from. We ended up with a light lilac.
Slowly, one wall at a time, the bathroom started to change color and warmth.


Finally when all the walls were painted with two coats, including behind the toilet which I must say sucked, it was time to review and breath.

image .

The walls turned out a bit darker than I had thought but when we remodel they will look out perfect with dark tile. The mirror frame however had to be changed and I did not want to wait. I detached the mirror from the frame and took the frame outside to spray paint it white. Once it was dry, I reattached the mirror and hung it back on the wall.
It still and amazes me sometimes, just how much a small change can make a huge difference! The bathroom is now painted and a happier place for me. Now it is time to plan a color scheme or theme for the room. I am one of those people who like there to be some room and reason to the colors in a room. Stay tuned!


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