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Living Room Update August 19, 2014

I apologize for the long lapse with no posts. The medication I was on started to make me sick so I had to detox and start a new one. It was not fun at all but I think that I am finally getting back to being me again. But while I was detoxifying we had another adventure…

Some of you may remember the new couch we bought in February

couch, new couch, pull out sleeper, chaise loung, hidden storage

Sadly, the couch was made of partical board and broke so we returned it to Costco. Cash in hand we walked out of Costco and drove to a furniture store closing sale. Originally we were just going to look at what they had and the pricing. When we walked in and saw the prices were reduced enough we could get move than one peice we looked a little closer. Ash really wanted leather but I didn’t. I don’t like the feeling of sticking to leather. After some discussion and price calculations we came to a discussion… we bought a leather love seat and a canvas chair with ottoman.

Once we got them back home, I went to set the love seat where I wanted it to be and asked Ash if it was an approved position. He approved so I went to work rearranging the room. After hlaf a day of work, it was all done and I was happy to relax.



We are very happy with the new furniture and arrangement! Now if I could train the cats to sleep on their own beds and not my chair.




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