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Canisters for me August 26, 2014

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 10:00 am

I apologize for the long lapse with no posts. The medication I was on started to make me sick so I had to detox and start a new one. It was not fun at all but I think that I am finally getting back to being me again.

Over the weekend I found some free time. I started a new time routine, which I will tell you about later, and it gave me time to craft. I decided that it was time for ceramics. Although I must admit I was not sure what to paint or who to paint it for. Last year for Christmas I made my in-laws a canister set for the kitchen.

sunflower, ceramics, canister set, DIY, christmas present, sunflower insert, antiqued, dry brushed, acrylic paints

There was one more set in my closet that were ready to paint because the inside had already been clear glazed. I decided to paint it for myself. There are all sorts of fun decorative inserts that I can choose from plus I can interchange them during the year.

Using a buff paint, I base coated the canister lids and bases in smooth even coats.


When both coats were dry I antiqued them in a dark brown. Which thinking back, I think it might be the same color used on the first set. Then I spray sealed them with a high gloss spray.


I choose the high gloss because they will be in the kitchen and it will make them easier to clean if grease spatters on them, etc. They look kind of funny drying on the old shelf.


Now that the canisters are done, it is time to make some inserts!!



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