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Preparing for New Painting Challenge September 4, 2014

I have taken two painting classes and enjoyed it a lot. Ash asked me when I was going to paint something by myself, no class or directions. That was a good question and got me to thinking about doing just that! Part of me thinks that he mentioned it on purpose, knowing that it would get my mind thinking of creative projects.

To be honest I had no idea where to start and after some non-helpful Google searches I was no closer. We walked around Hobby Lobby and looked at their painting supplies. It looked promising but there was so much to choose from. So many questions without answers… Can I use my ceramic brushes? what kind of paint would be the best? How many colors of paint should I start with? Should I buy books on painting techniques? If so, which techniques do I want to learn first?…. The list goes on.

I decided to start be emailing the studio I took the painting classes as. Some places would not respond to you and give you any information because they want you to paint more at their business. The Painted Cork did respond with information regarding the paint we used. With that information I opened another internet window to try where to buy the paints and I found some good deals. Before I bought, Ash took me to a local store to have a look.

I was so overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of painting supplies in this store!!! No joke! I almost forgot how to speak. We looked around for a while and decided to buy here. Everything was in the store with great pricing, plus I got to see the paint colors in person before buying.

Now that I have all my supplies (canvas, paint, easel, paint brushes,etc.) it is time to think of something paint. Any suggestions????



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