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Donations Needed – Bonus!! September 11, 2014

Yesterday we took out newest cat, Spike, into the shelter to be fixed. Ash a huge help because he dropped him off and picked him up.

SpikeWhen Ash arrived to pick Spike up he saw a sign asking for towels to be donated and sent me a message.

This is a double win for me because I love to support the shelter and we need new towels for our bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, ours are still in good condition. We need new towels because I painted the walls lilac.


The green, terra-cotta, brown and dark grey towels we have no longer match. Ash wants to do a darker color tile in the shower and on the floor when we remodel. Which means… it is time to shop for new towels! While shopping recently, I found a rug and shower curtain for the bathroom.


They are the darker colors and give me a bit more direction for the towels. I can’t wait to find the right towels and donate the ones that we have to the shelter.


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