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Sweet Jules September 18, 2014

One of my co-workers had a box of caramel this morning and they shared some with me. Sweet Jules Gifts Hand-crafted Caramels…. WOW!


I have always liked caramel but this is so delightful and delicious I had to share it.

They even have Pub Crawl in a Box!

Take a Minnesota Pub Tour! Savor Our Favorite Minnesota Beers In These Sweet Jules Caramels.

1. We start our crawl sipping a lineup of Town Hall beers to find the best pairing for our caramels. Hope and King Scotch Ale fit the flavor profile we were looking for – This beer is a Gold Medal-winner at the American Beer Festival – this caramel treat is a crafted blend of Scotch ale, luscious caramel and thin, crunchy pretzels. “Scotch Ale and Pretzel”

2. Then we head to North Minneapolis to the infamous Surly Brewing Company for a pint of Furious – A tempest on the tongue, brewed with a dazzling blend of American hops and Scottish malt, this crimson-hued ale delivers the beer flavor for our caramel with pizzazz. “Sweet and Furious!”

3. On to Indeed Brewery to tip back a Midnight Ryder, American Black Ale – this Black Ale puts a distinctly American twist on the India Pale Ale with five varieties of malt that gives it a medium body and a complex array of flavors. We spice up this caramel with Aleppo, ancho, chipotle chiles and a dash of black pepper. “Midnight and Spice”

4. We end our crawl at the Wisconsin border in Stillwater at the Lift Bridge Brewing Company – we scramble up hill to wet our whistle with a Chestnut Hill, a truly unique nut-brown ale crafted with roasted malts and Yakima hops. We complement this caramel with something distinctive by adding popped quinoa cause it tastes like popcorn only better. “Chestnut Hill and Quinoa”



They have an amazing history and story! I hope that you check them out. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do!!


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